Hello!  I am Chantal.  I am a wife, and a mother to two beautiful daughters.  I have a diploma in Holistic Nutrition (DHN).  I have been interested in nutrition for a long time.  Many years ago I decided to pursue nutrition studies.  I wanted to make sure my family is happy and healthy.

I travel for a living, when I am not busy raising a family.  Eating healthy on the go is a challenge, but is getting easier as time goes by.  More and more healthy options, including restaurant fare, are popping up all over the place.  I often bring healthy food to work ensuring that I am getting all that my body needs.

I was injured at work about a year and a half ago.  Our family was on a drastically reduced budget.  We had next to no income for a little while.  It was so difficult to eat properly.  I noticed a big decline in my health and the health of my family.  Now that we are back on track financially, we are health wise too.

I am so excited about our urban farm project.  I not only want to provide healthy food for my family, I want to give to others who can’t afford it.  A portion of our produce will be given to food banks, women’s shelters, and other community organizations.

We as a family, hope to inspire other families to make the leap – to provide healthy food for their families.  We will offer workshops and teach people how to do it for themselves.  I will be giving classes on healthy eating with varying topics such as Healthy School Lunches and Eating Healthy on a Budget.

I am setting up a cookbook on this site to provide information, recipes, and menus.  I hope that you find this helpful and interesting.

Thanks for taking a look at our website!