Getting kids involved in packing lunches

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Many parents are frustrated or anxious when it comes to school lunches.  Getting the kids involved can help.  It will also have them take some responsibility for what they are eating.  I have a system in my house which you might like to try.

Ahead of time (maybe the weekend for you), I chop veggies, fruit, and cheese.  I bake a loaf of banana bread or make muffins.  I mix plain yogurt with fruit and a touch a maple syrup.  I portion these out for the week.  It is a one time effort for easier mornings.

I purchased some bins at the local thrift store.  Each morning, I set out a main course (sandwich, thermos with a hot meal, or a salad) on their lunch box.  Each child then has to go to the bins and take the number of items from that bin corresponding to the number on the bin.  They then pack their own lunch boxes.  I have one for veggies and dip (2), one for fruit (1), one for dairy or extra fruit (1) and one for a treat (1).   I try to put a variety in each bin for them to chose.

The lunch bin system I use with my kids.

The lunch bin system I use with my kids.

This morning’s selection includes:

Bin 1  – veggies (choose 2):
carrot sticks, cucumber slices, grape tomatoes, and hummus
Bin 2  – dairy or extra fruit (choose 1):
cherry yogurt (home assembled) and cheese cubes
Bin 3  – fruit (choose 1):
cut up melon, peaches, green apples
Bin 4 treat (choose 1):
unsweetened apple sauce, fruit bars

My girls also bring refillable water bottles for the day.

My girls love being able to choose and have some control over their lunches.  Much easier for me in the morning too.  Hope this gives you some inspiration.


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