Tree Trimming

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It is a bit more than just tree trimming, more of a total tree removal, but tree trimming has a nice ring to it.

We started yesterday.  We would like to thank, in no particular order to Nick, Corinna, Paul, Zoe, Cassiopeia, Aurora, and Sandy for all your hard work in cutting, dropping, dragging and piling the branches and tees, as well as food prep to keep us going.

The two fifty foot tamaracks are down.  Tamaracks are very beautiful trees.  They are a coniferous tree that looses it’s needles in autumn.  They are also a very brittle tree, and branches break easily with freezing rain, or even a good wind.  These two, were on the southern property line, providing shade to most of our back yard.  Unfortunately for the trees, we do not want shade on our gardens, nor do we want the broken branches, or acidic needles dropping on our plants.  They had to go.

Nick and Carolyn in taking down the last tamarack.

Nick and Carolyn in taking down the last tamarack.

It is now time to get the morning going so we can get on with day two of our Tree Trimming weekend.  There are lots more photos to come, but probably not until the middle of the week.


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