Located in the heart of Cornwall, Ontario, augustus gardens is a family project.  With the cost of food climbing and organic, non-gmo food climbing even faster, Chantal and I bought this property with the intention of augmenting, if not replacing our need for grocery stores and farmer’s markets.  We want our girls to have the best life and the best health we can give them, that starts with the best food we can get our hands on.

Our intention is to regenerate the land, turning a double lot of grass and gravel into a permaculture food forest on hugel kultur style raised beds.  The crumbling house built in 1920 with its three poorly maintained additions will be replaced by a passiv haus designed and built house featuring a three story vertical garden, aquaponic green house.  Although we have no intentions to be off grid, we do plan to minimize our reliance on the utility grid with solar panels and wind energy powering our gardening and residential requirements, charging our future electric vehicles, and passing the excess back to the grid.

Within a few years, we hope to be providing healthy, fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish to a few hundred of our family, friends, neighbours, and the local community.  We want to be a local provider supporting our community, and being supported by the community.